The story so far

Hybrid Hydrotrip

These three school buddies reckon they can sail a bouncy castle across Lake Garda. Sounds perfectly normal?! Well, they did make it across Mongolia and back alive. So you never know. They’re rather resourceful. Sometimes doing something just to see what happens is a brilliant idea. Let's hope they don't get that sinking feeling.

1) Why did you participate in this campaign?
To be honest it was because sherwood at grey pressured us into it. I think he thought the adventure was precisely our cup of tea. He was right. I think he was also interested to see what we'd come up with, and I hope we didn't disappoint.
One thing is for sure - we are certainly not doing it to 'find ourselves'.

2) Why did you pick your particular story?
The opportunity to go on a road trip with your best mates to sail across lake Garda on a bouncy castle - who wouldn't want to do that!?
It's ridiculous and we're pretty sure nothing like this has been attempted before. That's a good enough reason for us.

3) What was the worst journey you ever did?
Chris and I drove to mongolia in a £220 Nissan micra. Overall it was the best journey we've ever done but it also had some bad bits too - accidentally driving through a highly volatile communist Russian occupied region of Moldova, getting thrown out of kazakhstan by a pistol happy policeman and getting chased by kazakh bandits.

4) What is the most important thing that needs to come with you on a journey?
We don't think we'd need anything in particular. You can always improvise.

5) If you could take any person to come with you on a road trip who would you take and why?
Depends on where you're going. We're going to lake Garda in Italy so we reckon Silvio Berlusconi would be a pretty good choice. He'd be useful if we got ourselves into a spot of bother while crossing the lake, plus he'd no doubt have some good looking company in tow to cheer us along.

6) If the online community were to participate in your story what elements could they influence (for example costume, location, etc)?
If there was enough support behind it, we'd do the trip without a map (I haven't mentioned this to chris and dave yet but I'm sure they'd be fine with this, I hope). People could then nominate certain pit stops along the way. I think we'd probably need a compass though - head south.

A comedy

Chris, Dave and Jack. In 2008 we drove from London to Mongolia in a £220 car so we reckon a short drive across Europe in a brand new Honda will be a piece of cake. We were talking about what you look for most in a car. Chris said that he thought an essential feature was that one must be able to fit a bouncy castle in the car's boot. Jack then said there was no point putting a bouncy castle in one's car boat unless one was going to sail it. Dave then said that if one was to sail a bouncy castle then one may as well sail it across Italy's biggest lake. That's it then. Trip decided. We're going to put a bouncy castle in the Honda's boot, drive to Lake Garda then sail said bouncy castle across said lake. On a serious note, it seems highly likely this challenge will fail. It will however be a whole load of fun trying. He who dares wins(/drowns after trying to sail a bouncy castle across a huge lake). Xxx

Get Involved


It’s the little details that make a journey memorable. Like where you ate or who you met along the way. That’s where we want your help. Take a look at the route below. If there’s a view we should see, a bar we must visit or a diversion we should take, tell us. If your grandma cooks the best breakfasts or your dog does the tango, let us know. Whatever your idea, pop it in the comment box below. If we like your suggestion, we'll add it to the map and credit you in the film.

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What should Schoolboys do on the journey?


LUKE S 14 May 2010

As our dear friend the pilot would say "absolutely classical"! love it! Celebratory drinks upon your return (if your not too busy signing autographs)....bring the bouncy wait, lets have drinks on the bouncy castle!

byrne 13 May 2010

funnest day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

sara1972 13 May 2010

it looks like your all having so much fun maybe i should have a go at something like that lol go schoolboys go you can do it lol

N3txu 9 May 2010

When you are on the castle dance Telephone by lady gaga :D

boblobster 5 May 2010

Make sure you take a puncture repair kit with you lads!