juan veny

juan veny
The story so far

The quest for the perfect combination!

Juan had two Boxer dogs, but one died unexpectedly this year, leaving him and his remaining Boxer lonely and pining for his lost love. Juan will do almost anything to find his remaining dog a new bitch. If this journey sounds barking mad, it probably is.

1) Why did you participate in this campaign?
The story that you can see in my uploaded Video is the story of my live: my dog, my friends, the beach, I enjoy every moment of my live. I participated in this campaign because I want to go on a journey to find a female for my dog Kito, then of course I want to drive the new car.

2) Why did you pick your particular story?
When my dog died it was very hard for me because it was completely unexpected and a huge loss. Luckily I had the support of my dog Kito my friends and my mum. My dogs are my life, Everyone that knows me knows that they are very import to me. So now Kito and I are lacking a friend

3) What was the worst journey you ever did?
The worst journey I did was in September last year I went to the Dominican Republic, the beaches were beautiful, but I was stuck in hotel complex and this is not my holiday style, I like to go out into the streets, meet people etc.

4) What is the most important thing that needs to come with you on a journey?
I wouldn’t go anywhere without my dog (unless it is really necessary...), so that is very important to me and of course music has to accompany me on every journey.

5) If you could take any person to come with you on a road trip who would you take and why?
I would take my friend who appears in my video, his name is Borja and he is a model from palma de mallorca. He is one of my best friends and we share the same interests like music, dogs, skateboarding...

6) If the online community were to participate in your story what elements could they influence (for example costume, location, etc)?
Dogs names:

  1. Duffy
  2. Zeta
  3. Sunshine

An adventure

I don't know how to classify my story. It is sad in parts and it has a mission. Every day is an adventure in search of love. I have always dreamt of disappearing some time with my friend and my dogs, Kito and Hanna, aboard my 1994 Honda Civic coupe, looking for a new model of our beloved marque... something unique! Something that would express without words what I think of the world of cars. And that is exactly the sensation that the launch of the new CR-Z had on me. It has been hailed as the first hybrid sports car in history, and it is the perfect harmony between beauty and efficiency. Now my dream has changed a little. Last Valentine's Day, Hanna, my 2-year-old dog died suddenly while walking on the beach. Kito is now very lonely, and I would like to find a companion for him. I do not know where I am going to find her, or when. I only know I am going to enjoy every minute testing the car in all kinds of situations, without damaging the environment. Our planet is the most important thing. All the people that have taken part in this have something in common: we really wanted this change... very soon another page of history will be written and we can be part of it. If everybody did something good to other people selflessly, the world would be a better place to live. Thanks.

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It’s the little details that make a journey memorable. Like where you ate or who you met along the way. That’s where we want your help. Take a look at the route below. If there’s a view we should see, a bar we must visit or a diversion we should take, tell us. If your grandma cooks the best breakfasts or your dog does the tango, let us know. Whatever your idea, pop it in the comment box below. If we like your suggestion, we'll add it to the map and credit you in the film.

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juan veny 8 May 2010

gracias a todos!!!

juan veny 8 May 2010

me lo he pasado genial!!!

Fey Daly 5 May 2010


Fey Daly 5 May 2010

THE cutest puppy ever! Kito, you must be feeling L-O-V-E.... because I am!

tom.millns 4 May 2010

Good luck Kito...hope you find your perfect pooch!