What is this?

Back in February we set out to make a documentary about the extraordinary journeys people want to go on, but never do. Journeys that were about experience not distance. Whether it was following in the footsteps of an ancestor, following a band, finding a lost relative, looking for love, fame or fortune, saying hello again or just saying sorry.

But what do we know about making a documentary?

Well, we don’t. Or at least we didn’t. So to make it happen we needed help – lots of it. We wanted this to be a co-created, crowd-sourced, multilingual documentary – the first of its kind. And we wanted the stars of the film to be real people. So we asked the whole of Europe to get involved and share their dream journeys with us. The response was inspirational. To help us choose the stories that would make the best film we also got an award-winning director on board – Claudio Von Planta (Long Way Down & Long Way Round). Together with a team of bloggers from the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, a final cast of 13 were chosen.

And what has all this got to do with Honda?

Making a documentary is not the only thing we’re doing for the first time this summer. We’re also launching our first sporty hybrid car, the CR-Z. It’s a car that’s designed to capture the imagination of a new generation – a generation that’s independent, inquisitive and isn’t afraid to try new things. The CR-Z will play its own part in our documentary too, being driven by each of their cast as they undertake their leg of the journey across Europe.