Honda CR-Z

For a unique project like Live Every Litre, you will need an entirely new kind of car. One that excels on the journey you’ve always dreamed of driving.

The Honda CR-Z is a new sporty hybrid coupe, which offers you a stylish new way to enjoy the benefits of a petrol-electric hybrid system. The CR-Z has a 1.5-litre petrol engine and an electric motor to give drivers an exciting drive, with low CO2 emissions (117 g/km) and excellent fuel economy (5.0 l/100km). The CR-Z is the first car to combine a hybrid system with a 6-speed manual gearbox, to give you a more involving driving experience.

For the first time a hybrid is available in a coupe body style, which gives the CR-Z a sporty edge and excellent aerodynamics, enhancing environmental performance. The compact length and wide stance of the car gives the CR-Z great stability and agility in the corners, allowing you to enjoy exploiting the flexibility of the hybrid engine and tactility of the manual gearbox on your favourite road.

Honda has designed the CR-Z to be at home in the city or on the open road and has given you the 3-Mode drive system to tailor the car’s responses to the environment you are in. For a drive through the city you can prioritise fuel economy by selecting ECON, which tunes all systems for frugality and even lower emissions. When you head for the open road, SPORT mode can be selected which sharpens the throttle response, gives greater hybrid motor assistance and increases the weight of the steering to improve control. The third mode is NORM, which balances the adjustable systems between fuel economy and enjoyment.

Entertainment is a priority inside too, with a multi-speaker stereo system and bass rich sub-woofer fitted as standard on higher grade cars. The stereo features a USB connection for connecting iPods or other MP3 music devices and compatible players can even be controlled by the in-dash unit. The 2+2 seating layout gives you the option of carrying smaller passengers in the rear of the car or folding the seats flat to carry more luggage if you are going further.

Every facet of the CR-Z’s unique character has been designed so that you can live every litre and that’s why we chose it to accompany you on your journey. At the time of your journey the car will not even be on sale, giving you a very special preview of our latest car.

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