The Crew

Film Crew

Claudio von Planta

Claudio von Planta

Director / Cameraman

Claudio is our director / cameraman on the project. Most well known for his work on Long Way Round and Long Way Down, the epic motorbike journeys with actors Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman. He has just the credentials for this exciting road trip through Europe.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson

Editor / Cameraman

Paul's main role on the shoot will be editing together the short films that we'll put on YouTube and our web site after each journey. Paul's a cameraman too, so he'll also be filming some of the journeys as second camera.

Robert Alexander

Robert Alexander

Cameraman / Editor

Rob's mad about motorbikes so he'll be filming the trip from our Honda bike that's following the CR-Z. Just like Paul, he's an editor too, so he'll get to relax in the evening after a long day's ride by helping prepare the clips ready for the website!

Production Crew

Shooting on the road for 35 days takes a lot of planning and organising. The production crew will support Claudio and his team with planning the shoot both in the office in London and on the road. They'll look after all the drivers and make sure all the kit, cars and people are in the right place at the right time. They'll also make sure any locations we film at are prepared for our arrival! Every day they'll take all the comments and suggestions from the website, Facebook and Twitter to help their planning and then upload pictures and videos at the end of the journeys.

  • Tamsin Herbert - Executive Producer
    Tamsin Herbert - Executive Producer
  • Jeremy Clarke - Producer
    Jeremy Clarke - Producer
  • Giles Maunsell - Assistant Producer
    Giles Maunsell - Assistant Producer
  • Nike Hatzidimou - Assistant Producer
    Nike Hatzidimou - Assistant Producer
  • Laura Price Behind the scenes blogger
    Laura Price Behind the scenes blogger
  • Sarah Bryne Behind the scenes blogger
    Sarah Bryne Behind the scenes blogger
  • Timian Hopf Production Intern
    Timian Hopf Production Intern
  • Fred Bauch Car mechanic
    Fred Bauch Technical Expert, Honda
Julia Frater

Julia Frater

Film Editor

Julia will take all of the daily rushes as the team send them back and edit the final film. She'll work with Claudio to weave together all the stories from our trip.

Julia has huge experience editing a wide range of programmes and has worked with Claudio on the Long Way Down, the Long Way Round and By Any Means.

Introducing our Guest Bloggers

To help bring a different perspective to Live Every Litre, we've teamed up with some of Europe's top bloggers who will be contributing to the weekly newsletters and Live Every Litre blog for the duration of the project.

Our guest bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds - ranging from fashion and film to design and automotive - and will take up two specific roles on our campaign team.

Behind the scenes bloggers - Behind the scenes bloggers - will be sending out daily updates during filming with all the latest adventures from the road.

Production Intern - Production Intern Blog - Timian has joined the Live Every Litre production team and will be blogging about his day-to-day experience throughout the project.

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